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"The body hears what the mind says."


Our Mission

The human body is one of the most incredibly adaptive structures. As such, we have the ability to create good or bad habits that can either build us or tear us apart and cause unnecessary pain. At Amplified Athletics, our mission is to motivate, educate and collaborate with our clients, members, family and friends in unveiling the potential of the human body, mind and spirit to create an impeccable athlete, fighter, father, mother, student or whoever comes through our doors. 


By providing a large variety of services, we have the ability to effectively facilitate our clients to achieve optimal results in whatever facet of activities they find themselves doing, whether it be in office or home work, heavy labour or studies, down to the competitive athletes and fighters. The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

-boxing instruction and technique

-boxing conditioning

-olympic and powerlifting training

-personal training

-small group training (up to 10 people)

-nutrition consultation and

-sport psychology 


In summary, our mission is only to amplify the great qualities and abilities that you have, both physical and mental, in a specially tailored atmosphere in which you can progress best. By doing this, we firmly believe that we can teach you and others to learn to become aware of themselves, and be able to be self-sufficient in listening and taking care of their bodies.


Come and test us out and see if we live up to our word or not. 



Jared "The Last Kiss" Velásquez

Owner and Head Trainer of Amplified Athletics 

Boxing has taken Jared to numerous podiums and locations throughout the world; from Calgary, throughout Alberta and Canada, to living in Cuba, where boxing takes precedence as the national sport and is the pride of the country, to the United States in training with the best, such as the Mayweather family. Competing for the last 11 years, and instructing for the past 3 of the 11 years. The point of conditioning and his love to teach is what drove him to expand his learning to obtain more formal education in the health and wellness industry. 


- Certified and insured personal trainer

- Certified olympic and powerlifting instructor

- Current student in CanFitPro's health and weight loss certification course

- Current student at Mount Royal University for the Personal Trainer Diploma

- Worked under the tutelage of owner and head coach of Impact Boxing and Fitness, Louie Raposo

- Worked under the tutelage of owner and head trainer at Strive Fitness and Athletics, Anton Joseph

-Trilingual in English, Spanish (Español) and Hungarian (Magyarul)

"As a fighter, for the first number of years in training and fighting, I never really took care of myself in terms of nutrition, prehabilitation and rehabilitation of my body and it took a HUGE toll on me.  Once I started to teach others, my curiosity peaked enough to spend all my extra time and money into finding out how to best help myself and others."

Now, armed with education, resources, and experience in helping himself and others, Jared teaches others how to properly respect their bodies and how to optimize themselves for any task at hand.  

Jennifer Velásquez

Head Nutritionist at Amplified Athletics

Jennifer is a life time athlete within a wide variety of sports and specializes in the nutritional implications of an active lifestyle.  


-Applied Nutrition Diploma, Elevated Learning Academy

-Associates Degree from BYU-Idaho, towards Bachelors of Health Sciences

-Bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese

-Undergone training in sports such as boxing, track, MMA, soccer, swimming, rock climbing and equestrian sports



"I love the sports in which I practice and compete but even more than that, I love the science and physiology behind how to achieve the greatest level of excellence possible. Through all that I have learned in the past years about how our body works and how to provide the optimal conditions for growth and adaption, I have come to appreciate the vital role that nutrition plays. My passion for nutrition has led me to seek higher education and to help others achieve the excellence that their bodies are capable of. Through advanced implication of nutrition and in conjunction with proper training I believe that every Athlete can Amplify their sport performance." 


As a competitive athlete, I approached Jared with the intention of improving on the technical aspects of my boxing abilities.

I was very impressed with Jared’s athletic aptitude, as he was able to recognize the different intricacies that vary across different combat sports; where he was able to adapt and apply applicable training methods relevant to my discipline. After a few short weeks I noticed significant improvements in my athleticism, strategic and technical abilities, as a result of our training regimen.

I would highly recommend Jared, as anyone can immediately see he is very passionate at what he does; and his kind demeanor, patience, experience, and technical expertise, truly make Jared an asset for anyone wishing to step their athletic game up!
— Nick Belgrave, World IKF Silver Medalist Muay Thai Fighter
At the beginning of this year I was rather clumsy, I had poor timing, I was not very confident and really couldn’t throw a punch to save my life. After having spent only a few months with Jared, his calm disposition, and cheerful advice has helped me tackle the basic of boxing one session at a time. He has always been patient and very positive, and is always able to direct well and show me my weak points. He is a trainer I would highly recommend as he shares his knowledge freely and readily, and is a bit of a comedian when you least expect it. Definitely one of my favourite trainers. Thanks for the foundation Jared!
— AJ Smith, Boxing Student, Tattoo Artist
I wanted to thank you for the great sessions to date. I have learned so much about boxing and about myself from our Hybrid Training sessions that we do and I can already see the difference in my fitness level. Your knowledge of the body, exercise physiology and psychology sets you apart from other trainers. I find understanding what is happening physiologically and physically helps me push myself harder. I look forward to our work outs and that is a great motivator at 6:30 in the morning!!
— Margot Micallef, President & Founder of Oliver Capital Partners
In may of 2015 I made the decision to get up off the couch and work for the body I’ve always told myself I wanted.
Having never trained in my life I weighed 180lb with a 23 bf%. Without a clue as to how I would reach my goals I turned to the first personal trainer I saw at a gym and got myself set up with 6 sessions. On the first session I threw up and shortly after, was pitched a long term personal trainer program at an outrageous price. This left me quite discouraged.
Knowing jared was a boxing trainer, I gave him a shout. Surely he must know a way to reach my goals without emptying my bank account... And stomach.
To my surprise he offered to write me programs for only a small fraction of the price which was super affordable. And so my journey to becoming fit began.
Jared helped me reach my goals and set new ones. I watched my muscles grow and my physique improve.
Anytime I had questions or doubts Jared was able to answer them better than I expected.
Today I weigh 160lb at a 15bf%. I highly recommend working with Jared, He knows what he’s doing and does it very well!
— Marvin Van Tonder
Your enthusiasm and methodical approach allows all your clients to improve and meet their goals. It has been absolute pleasure training with you.
You bring science to training with the added expertise of an accomplished boxer. Keep bringing the same approach to all your clients.
A few reservations I had before training with you were: Would the sessions be worthwhile and can this young guy tailor the needs to a 54 year old? How do I manage the appointments with a busy work schedule? Is the instructor flexible? Will our learning and teaching styles align, or are they totally different and prevent advancement?
Some of the achievements I have had thus far have been: A clearer understanding on the styles of boxing, and where my style is appropriate. Development of the foundations of balance and movement, enabling the ability to strike the opponent from multiple positions both in defence and attacking stances. Basics of ringmanship - still much to learn!
Been a pleasure training with you. Your passion, patience and enormous skillset, out weigh your younger years. Look forward to continuing the journey……
— David Neely
One thing to keep doing: please keep drilling us! I really like the pad work. I feel like it real helps to solidify the movements and bring them closer to speed.

Reservations I had coming in: I was terrified! I felt like I was going to be a complete embarrassment because of my lack of knowledge and I had no idea how to even begin to improve.

Jared eased my fears and self-doubt by starting with basics in a way that reinforced my existing knowledge and built it forward. His method of explaining, demonstrating and having us practice ‎while always checking our understanding helps real and meaningful learning to occur.
Achievements so far:
- I’m not totally stumped when asked about footwork and movement anymore!
- keeping my hands up, chin down and arms in‎ is becoming more natural
- I haven’t run away yet (while this sounds like a joke, it isn’t totally. I’m proud of overcoming my flight instinct and my willingness to keep at it even when I feel extremely over-matched)

Jared is so generous of his knowledge and patience. He explains things clearly and concisely and willingly demonstrates and repeats as needed. His critical analysis of my form is insightful and encouraging, never mean or belittling.

Thanks, Jared. You are an extremely talented teacher.
— Lara Schuelke