How Nutrition Makes A Better Athlete


Consistent workout Programs and regimens are key to success for an athlete what ever their goal may be. Whether training for speed, agility, power, strength, hypertrophy, or endurance, it is important to have proper programming to support you in your training. Without this your results may be delayed if they come at all. You may also find that while attempting to train for hypertrophy you end up gaining endurance instead. That is why there are professionals who have the physiological knowledge and training behind them in order to get you where you want to be through proper programming. 

It should come as no surprise then, that nutrition has similar principles behind it. Whether you are eating to fuel endurance sports, hypertrophy training, or manipulating body composition for weight specific sports or aesthetic competition, there are different ways to eat based on your goals. The nutritional suggestions for one sport are not necessarily transferable to another. This is where a nutrition specialist can come into play to support an athlete by advising or programming for their specific needs. That is why I have joined the Amplified Athletics team, to provide a more all around approach to amplifying what ever it is that you do, so that you do it best. 


Jennifer VelasquezComment