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Nutritional Counselling And Programing


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will include an assessment of your current nutritional intakes, your current anthropometric measurements, a review of your food journal and health form, and an overview of your nutritional goals. From there we can get you started and on your way with customized goal setting and counselling or programming depending on what we determine together would be the best method to reach your goals. You will also be receiving a customized email package after your first consultation to assist you on your way. 


Follow-up Consultations

During our Follow-ups we will track your progress and reassess your measurements to determine any changes that need to be made to help you to progress through your goals and move on to reaching further towards harder goals. We will follow up with questions or concerns as well as provide nutritional education during these follow-ups.


6 Consultation package

The only way to see success is through consistency  and you will be sure to see results with our 6 session package. This package includes your initial consultation along with 5 follow-up consultations.


Customized Nutritional Programming 

What ever your goals may be we know how to get you there. Every sport has different aims and with our customized programs we will design them just for you and to meet your specific goals. We will also work right along side you tweaking when necessary and ensuring you get the results you need. This package includes an initial assessment and follow up assessments every 2 weeks as well as a customized meal plan 



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