Payments will be taken up front, previous to any instruction, training, or consultation. If a person wishes to purchase any session packages, then payment will be taken in it's entirety previous to the sessions.

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB. We also accept cash, or cheque. Debit cards are currently not accepted.

Any purchases issued for personal training, boxing instruction, conditioning, nutrition consultation, or any other form of training are non-refundable. All purchases are final.



Each session is programmed for a minimum of 50 minutes, and a maximum of 60 minutes; other options are available.



If a client is late for a scheduled appointment by 15+ minutes without advising the trainer beforehand, the trainer is free to leave the facility at the cost of the session to the client. If the client contacts said trainer before hand of their tardiness before the scheduled appointment, the client may still come and attend the session, but will lose the minutes paid for in their own tardiness. If the client, however, can forewarn, the trainer with at least 24 hour notice, then a rescheduling for that lesson may take place at no charge. If a client does not show up to a scheduled appointment, then that appointment will be charged to the client, regardless of them not having attended.



Rescheduling or cancellation is permitted with a minimum 24 hour notice of the originally scheduled appointment, and must receive confirmation from said trainer at no charge, otherwise the full cost of the session will be charged to the client.



Trainers and clients often become very close and share a certain type of relationship that is different from many others. Although we love to meet new people inside and outside of the gym we oblige to keeping the trainer-client relationship as professional as possible in order to continue to see each other for reasons of health, wellness and fitness. It is our policy that we do not date or see clients for purposes other than health, wellness and fitness outside of the designated training facilities.