Our Mission

Long before the creation of amplified athletics, we noticed that something was missing in the boxing scene, and that was education. We pride ourselves in not only the technique, and experience in the squared circle, but also in the ongoing education of our trainers to scientifically back, and AMPLIFY their knowledge. 

Our sole purpose as trainers, mentors and educators, is to amplify the physical and mental capabilities of our clients. 

Everyone has had a copia of experiences in their lives that athletic trainers can draw on. Everyone has the ability to become active in some aspect of their lives, it's our responsibility as trainers to facilitate and guide our clients in discovering this for themselves and helping them become self-sufficient in their health and wellness. 


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The art of boxing is beyond anything any typical trainer can teach you to do. It is a sport of millimetres and split seconds. Boxing necessitates the grace of a gymnast, the strength of a lion, the endurance of a marathon runner, the mental resilience of a soldier and the observant capacity of a chess player. If the before-mentioned is something you're interested in, click to learn more.


Personal, Group & Online Training

Whether you are looking to lose body fat, gain some muscle mass, maintain bone density, or excel as an athlete we provide the service, education and experience to get you there. With all of our clientele undergoing baseline assessments and programming, we not only see results, we track it and plan for it too. Take a look at our online training options for those with busy schedules, travelling problems or smaller training budgets.



Our bodies are the accumulation of what we eat, absorb, and utilize and nutrition is a leading reason for excellence in the ring, gym and life. Our nutritionist is more than able to back our service with science, but also with experience and higher level education. With nutritional assessments, healthy lifestyle and habit counselling, we can help you get off diets and live to naturally make healthy life choices.

I wanted to thank you for the great sessions to date. I have learned so much about boxing and about myself from our Hybrid Training sessions that we do and I can already see the difference in my fitness level. Your knowledge of the body, exercise physiology and psychology sets you apart from other trainers. I find understanding what is happening physiologically and physically helps me push myself harder. I look forward to our work outs and that is a great motivator at 6:30 in the morning!!
— Margot Micallef - Entrepeneur, Lawyer, Masters Bikini Competitor
As a competitive athlete, I approached Jared with the intention of improving on the technical aspects of my boxing abilities.
I was very impressed with Jared’s athletic aptitude, as he was able to recognize the different intricacies that vary across different combat sports; where he was able to adapt and apply applicable training methods relevant to my discipline. After a few short weeks I noticed significant improvements in my athleticism, strategic and technical abilities, as a result of our training regimen.
I would highly recommend Jared, as anyone can immediately see he is very passionate at what he does; and his kind demeanor, patience, experience, and technical expertise, truly make Jared an asset for anyone wishing to step their athletic game up!
— Nick Belgrave - IKF World Silver Medalist, Muay Thai Fighter
In may of 2015 I made the decision to get up off the couch and work for the body I’ve always told myself I wanted.
Having never trained in my life I weighed 180lb with 23% bf. Without a clue as to how I would reach my goals I turned to the first personal trainer I saw at a gym and got myself set up with 6 sessions. On the first session I threw up and shortly after, was pitched a long term personal trainer program at an outrageous price. This left me quite discouraged.
Knowing Jared was a boxing trainer, I gave him a shout. Surely he must know a way to reach my goals without emptying my bank account... And stomach.
To my surprise he offered to write me programs for only a small fraction of the price which was super affordable. And so my journey to becoming fit began.
Jared helped me reach my goals and set new ones. I watched my muscles grow and my physique improve.
Anytime I had questions or doubts Jared was able to answer them better than I expected.
Today I weigh 160lb at a 15bf%. I highly recommend working with Jared, He knows what he’s doing and does it very well!
— Marvin Van Tonder - Foreman, Recent Father & Husband