The following are just a few types of sessions our clients have asked for in the past. We accept payment for a minimum of 4 sessions as the first sessions often will have screens and assessments to better individualize a program for the client. 


Pure and technical boxing instruction for the competitor/fighter, enthusiast or for self-defensive purposes. This may include work on hand / focus pads, heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags and other boxing oriented drills.

1 session = $105

4 sessions = $350

16 sessions = $1250


Fully tailored to your fitness needs and goals. Includes pre-screening and assessments for structural correction and 24 hour notice of workout plan. These packages are priced f

1 Month 2x / week = $700

 1 Month 3x / week = $1000

1 Month 4x / week = $1250

For those with chaotic schedules that can't commit to a schedule with us, we charge a flat rate of $105 / session, with a minimum of a 4 session package. 


Advanced / Fighters classes

By and far our most popular option yet, this is for those who wish to train and learn the skills of a true boxer, whether to compete or simply advance in ability in the ring. Training occurs 3 times a week which includes classes for conditioning, technique / bag / pad work, and sparring (see here for schedule). This also includes access to our locked page full of boxing, fitness and nutrition resources.


$150 / Month


online / distance training

This option is for those who feel comfortable with going to the gym on their own, with various exercises, and just need a little help with getting a set program to accomplish results without the hassle of arbitrarily going from one exercise to another. For first timers, the first month is composed of the most tweaking, as our trainers screen and assess the individuals needs and wants. This option includes:


- a one month program customized to each individual. Taking into account previous injuries, medical history, experience and personal goals.

- weekly, contact with the trainer via phone, Skype, FaceBook or email to assess the progression and adherence to the program, to address questions and for reports/statistics. 

- assistance or referrals for nutritional advice, injury rehabilitation, references for self-learning, etc.


$200 / month (includes screens and assessments)

Group Sessions

Are you an office group, couple, or group of friends looking for a challenging, yet fun time to grow together? Maybe even release some stress as a group? Well then let me introduce you to our fully customizable and flexible group training sessions! Mix it up with functional training, boxing, boxercise, circuit training or any other type of service we provide and let the games begin!


$40/session/person for 4 or less

$25/session/person for 5+

A minimum of a 4 session commitment/payment is required. 



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